Hillview Design Collaborative & Building Co.

We make architectural design a team effort.

When Hillview Design Collaborative was founded in 2013, our goal was to create an atmosphere where an architectural design could be realized as a team effort. That teamwork doesn’t end at our door.

We look to you, our client, for feedback from the conceptual stages of design to selection of the final paint colors, and we encourage other professionals to participate in the process as well. If you’ve chosen a builder we are happy to include them in the design process. When it comes time to lay out the structure, plan the HVAC systems or design the thermal envelope, we prefer to bring the right people in early enough in the process so they can have input without moving the design backwards.

Collaboration with your builder can be virtually seamless.

One of the most unique parts of Hillview Design Collaborative is our relationship with the construction side of our business, Hillview Building Company.

We originally branched out as a building company because we found a shortage of local builders willing to take the insulation and thermal envelope of a house to the next level.  This also lets us to give our clients a seamless design experience through to the completion of their project. The design doesn’t end when the ink stops flowing. Quite often, the lead contact for your design will also be your contact on the building side. This provides for a continuity of ideas and allows for design opportunities during construction. 

Meet the Hillview Team